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A step-by-step example of how to use Nikon Patch. D5100 firmware version 1.01 is used below as an example, but it’s the same process for all supported firmware versions:

  • Download the original firmware for your camera model from Nikon Firmware
  • Nikon Hacker team does not provide patched firmware as a download – the patch will be applied to the original firmware you download from Nikon.
  • Please note that some patch features are only available to some firmware versions. You'll find the supported firmware version from the the changelog, right after your camera model. (for example, "D7000 v.1.03" means that you have to use the original firmware v1.03)
  • Old version firmware may not be available at your local Nikon website. Try google search the specific version number. Nikon-Europe websites usually keep all versions of firmware.
  • Open the firmware bundle package (the .exe or .dmg) to get the .binfile from inside, for D5100 users it’s called D5100_0101.bin
  • I use 7zip or winzip to open the executable file, and just copy the .bin file to my temp directory.
  • if the box below the FAQ and HELP is empty Silverlight is not running, right click in that box and allow the plugin permission to run.
  • Click on button “Select Firmware File”
  • Find the .bin file extracted in the previous step
  • When a known file is opened, the tool will display the Camera Model/Version of the opened file
  • Select features, to read a description, Tick the features you want
  • Click on button “Save Patched firmware File”
  • Name the files something like: “D5100_0101_patched.bin”
  • Copy you patched file “D5100_0101_patched.bin”, to the root directory of your SD card
  • Renamed “D5100_0101_patched.bin” to “D5100_0101.bin” (or D3100_0101.bin, D7000_0103.bin etc)
  • Eject the SD Card
  • Put SD card in the Camera and follow the normal upgrade procedure, listed at Nikon site when you downloaded the firmware

Mac users!

  • Safari + Silverlight doesn't always work.
  1. Try Google Chrome
  2. Try Firefox
  3. Reboot your computer, empty browser caches
  4. Try steps 1+2 again
  5. If it still doesn't work, you can now ask help from the forum.

After patching

After patching your camera, it is recommended that you check the list of patch limitations for known bugs and behaviour, BEFORE asking from the forum. Enjoy!

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