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Welcome to the Nikon Hacker Wiki
This Wiki serves two main goals. It is a user guide for Nikon Hacker's software (Nikon Patch and Nikon Emulator), and also a repository for information gathered by Nikon Hacker members while modifying and reverse-engineering cameras and peripherals.
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Nikon Patch

The firmware modifications developed by the Nikon Hacker team can found in Nikon Patch, a web-based patch tool. Use Nikon Patch to make changes to the firmware or your camera.

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General Nikon DSLR information

Firmware information

Hardware information

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Another Open Source project Dslrdashboard is an Adroid app or Windows/Linux program that allows remotely control your Nikon DSLR with USB/WU-1a/1b or bultin Wi-Fi (like D5300).

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