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I placed the gps module in my battery grip because it uses the same port as the second shutter buttom. I wanted to use both at the same time. There is a empthy place on the right side of the grip. And I removed the 2.5 socked on the battery grip to make some room for the gps cable.

The pictures:

I used the:


  1. This hack is for a D3100 with a battery grip where the extra shutter release operates via a cable to the combined shutter release/GPS socket (MC-DC2). The hack is to make the cable work for both the shutter release and the GPS that has been added. [this obviously won't work with battery grips that plug directly to the camera - eg. the D7000 series which has a purpose made connector]
  2. There are new battery grips with IR for the D3100 on eBay, I don't know if it could be done with those to.
  3. I think that every Nikon gps module would fit in the case as long it got a remote port.