D7500 et al - DHCP address change

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D7500 et al - DHCP address change

Postby konrad » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:54 am

first thanks for all the work. I own a D7500 and now with latest firmware update v1.10 I'm able to access it by WiFi only bypassing the Snapbridge Bluetooth interworking.
As my network is running on it is hard to have a two face access from my laptop to the camera by Wifi and to my intranet as both will use the same subnet. So I was looking for an option inside the camera to change, there is nothing. Also with available tools WMU/WTU/Snapbridge this looks not feasible. So I came to Nikonhacker.
Following the instructions for the FirmwareDecoder (via Emulator) first it failed fore the D7500 frmware, then I saw the offset change for the Z6/Z7, manually stripping these 0x20 bytes from the firmware bin made the decoder working. I got three files
1) a1450_010101.bin - well known
2) b1450_110d.bin - also well know, this is the UI part
3) _wma_ver01.11.00 - Looking to the strings inside it looks to be the WiFi part implementiong a simple WU2 adapter realising a USB to PTPIP bridge.

As you may know the default DHCP server address of the camera is which is C0.A8.1.1 in hex. Knowing this and looking up 3) in a hex editor identifies
Code: Select all

  2. 00042F10  00 01 01 A8 C0 00 FF FF FF 02 01 A8 C0 00 00 00  ...¨À.ÿÿÿ..¨À...

  3.              |Server    | Mask      | DHCP clnt |  


which is eactly the default IP configuration.
So a patch could be set up to modify these 3 address to avoid conflicts in local networks.

Few side notes:
1) I could not identify these settings from settings stored on SD card
2) The WU2 seems to have a lot more capabilities like FTP or Infrastructure mode (connecting to an AP), which I would like to have ;)
3) In UI binary I could not find any strings pointing to hidden/switched off menus for Infrastructure/FTP etc, so adding this would be a much higher effort, hardly feasible for leisure time to write such a rucksack.

So to conclude, might be an option to provide a patch to all the cams which recently got the update for standalone WiFi connection like the D7500.

Any ideas which further cameras would be feasible?
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Re: D7500 et al - DHCP address change

Postby Simeon » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:51 pm

So you can build a patch for changing the network to a new fixed value, (ether the 10/24 or 172.16/20) and assume the _wma... is the third file in the package it should look like:
the first parameter in the Patch object is the file thus should be 2, then file offset (thus looks like 0x43f11) and then the stream of old bytes and new bytes

or you could split the 192.168.x.x network and put the camera in a higher sub block, and change your home network to also be a sub block of 192.168
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