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D610 True dark current patch

Postby stefanz » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:21 pm


I tested the true dark current firmware fix on my D610 today (firmware 1.01, latest patch tool). I only enabled the true dark current patch.

I noticed a small bug.

If the true dark current fix is enabled the image is 96 lines higher: 4124 rather then 4028 pixels. The first 84 lines contain the black level reference. Having them would be nice, but the problem is that the frame buffer seems to be to small, i.e. lines starting from 4028 are sometimes corrupt. The effect is that only 3944 (=4028-84) lines are usable. This also may cause this bug

If possible, drop the first 90 lines and the last 6 lines which yields to the original image height of 4028 pixel.

A few other things that might be helpful for other users:
  • on D610 the re-used menu entry is the JPEG compression policy, if yo use another language than English the menu entry may not be translated
  • That menu entry is available via PTP: if you use gphoto (or similar) you can enable the true dark current fix remotely by setting property 'd031' to '0'


I loaded the patch to another D610. On this camera I have to set PTP property 'd031' to '1'. In order enable the dark current fix the this property needs to be toggled from the initial state (and for for deactivation the power must be switched off.)

In the menu it's the same, just click on both entries in order to be sure the the fix is enabled.

The initial state seems to be the state before the patched firmware was loaded.

Regards and many thanks
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