D5200 Information and Live View Timeout Removal

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Re: D5200 Information and Live View Timeout Removal

Postby JohnnyBo » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:10 pm

I'm an complete novice at this patching business, and you might be able to gather that form my question...

How do i patch this "D5200 live view timeout removal"-patch, on my camera?

Thank you in advance
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Re: D5200 Information and Live View Timeout Removal

Postby Fried Crispy » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:22 am

At your own risk, find a firmware update patch for the model of camera that you want to patch (D5200).
Most likely, you will want to get one from Nikon's website (to be safe).

Download the firmware update and place it in a folder for which you'd like to later refer to easily.
Unpack the contents of the zip file (the firmware patch), the EZ install patch tool will then be able to recognize the file ( a BIN file).

Go to Nikon Hacker's on-line patch tool: http://simeonpilgrim.com/nikon-patch/nikon-patch.html

The program uses Flash, so you'll have to have some sort of flash program installed and active on your computer to get the operation screens to work on that patch tool.

Assuming that you have gathered the proper D5200 firmware patch, unpacked it, and have Adobe flash, Silverlight, or Pipe line (Linex), you can now see what camera models have what new features available and you can select the camera model you are hoping to patch.

The features available to your model will then be made available in check boxes to select.
You can go with all the features, or just one, or a few. You can even repeat this and make several versions for which you can defer to later and change your camera to add or remove features.

Keep in mind, you will be putting your camera at risk; there's a chance you will make an error or some other interference will cause a power hiccup or circumstance that makes the camera's firmware changeover incomplete. Thereby, making the camera useless for anything other than a costume prop, or a missile.

Anyway, select the features you want added to the proper D5200 firmware patch,
then direct the patch tool via the prominent directions at the top of that page to target your unpacked BIN file.

I forget the rest, but that should get you close enough. There may be a button that says "Use at your own risk" and a "Patch Firmware" button.

Once you get that firmware patched, you'll need to separate from the original and give it the exact same name as the original, especially including the last tag, which designates the type of file (.BIN, or .bin) .
Whatever it is, make them exactly the same.

Get a SD card that you trust, format the card to erase anything that may be on the card (Use the FAT 32 when offered).

Copy this hacked firmware patch on to your newly formatted SD card.

Make sure your camera's battery is fully charged and can last longer than just a few minutes if dimming in operation. If you have a battery pack attached to the camera, make sure it is tightly secured or just take it off. Some poor guy turned his camera in to a camera shaped sculpture because his was loose and it allowed a moment of dropped power.

Insert the SD card in to your camera and make sure there are no other cards in any other slots or any other hook-ups (USB).

Power the camera on, and use your menu to get to the "Tools" Menu. One of those selections will be "Updating Firmware"

Use the camera's directions on flashing your camera's firmware.

You now either have a new feature/features on your D5200 or a camera shaped brick.

Either way, immediately, send loads of money to Nikon Hacker via the donate button.
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Re: D5200 Information and Live View Timeout Removal

Postby Shadowkhn » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:23 am

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