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Re: hacking D7000to get clean HDMI

Postby max » Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:15 am

Duke_Sweden wrote:Forget it. This forum is dead. When I finally got a D5500 firmware upgrade last week I thought I would finally be able to hack myself to 64 bit heaven. I've since found out it could take months, or never, for the patch to be updated. Evidently this isn't Simeon's pet project anymore.

Perhaps it's the glut of whiny privileged kids who want something for free that keeps him away? In the end, it isn't up to Simeon or any other developer to provide you with anything. There's one simple truth here : this shit is hard and takes a very very long time to do. Go whine to Nikon to make the camera you want with the features you want, or vote with your pay check and buy a Canon.

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Update available D7000 Firmware A 1.04, B 1.05?

Postby moprivat » Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:06 am

Hi there, is an update for D7000 Version 1.05 available? Or will it be some day?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Update available D7000 Firmware A 1.04, B 1.05?

Postby Tweener » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:30 am

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