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Powering external devices on Ten-pin remote terminal cables

PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 4:16 am
by kayakermanmike
Looking for some guidance.

I've been looking at some pinouts for the 10 pin terminal on Nikon cameras and frankly I just don't fully understand what I'm looking at.

My interest comes in injecting external power to devices that would be normally powered by the camera itself. For instance, a Geomet'r gps, but since all of these similar devices are powered from the same ports, any GPS could be powered in this way.

My thought is that you could find the pins providing power to the device and in a sacrificed cable sever the connection. Then power the GPS/etc using external AA, 9volt, etc by wiring the cables to the device with a battery plug.

I've found the gps unit just draws down the battery too fast to want to use a lot, but if you could sacrifice something more readily available like rechargeable AAs or the like, it could make it more useful.

Or, do I just not know what to search for and something already exists?

For instance, this guy's write up is fantastic, but I'm no EE so I'm still struggling where I would apply 5v to power the Geomet'r externally.