Best Value/Quality on Hacked Nikon DSLRs

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Best Value/Quality on Hacked Nikon DSLRs

Postby blufotograf69 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:23 pm


Would some of the more experienced/informed users please give me your recommendations on shooting video with Nikon ((Hacked) DSLRs, A couple of years ago I started using a hacked D800 and I am pretty pleased with the results, but I am needing a secondary, lighter, rig. How close is a Hacked, D3200 to the D800 or does it make sense to go with another brand ( on the relative) cheap...or just buy and hack another D800? should I bite the bullet and just go for the D500/(D750 yuck!) ( have FX glass obviously)...........If I am stuck in a rut/past can someone please elucidate me?

Thank You for Your Time and Input!!
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Re: Best Value/Quality on Hacked Nikon DSLRs

Postby Lifegiant » Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:34 pm

You buy used D800's for under a g note, why even play around the af system (cam 3500 51 point is the best), and you'll spend all of 1$K on any other FX body w/ video that is close in Mgpx, but that 24, why even sacrifice just pull the trigger. How or what is making it time for the d800 you own to go? Thanx to NH, I'm still shooting a D7K for vid at 64Mbs, and from the D3 tear down video, after scorching a shutter, found an extended buffer D3, missing the rubber, or $350, swapped all my good parts, too and bottom, re glued ($25 for new) all new rubbers, and now I've got a D3, shooting 9.5+ Fla, to 60 raw shots, and I found a shutter actuated for $115, removed the AA Filter, cleaned up the old one as best I could, and it shoots super spectrum. And IR,( by shifting the WB). Don't dead you D800 rebuild it into an FX & snag a cheap used one from Roberts Camera ( they accept low offers all the time) on eBay!!! Peace!!!!
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