Best Value/Quality on Hacked Nikon DSLRs

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Best Value/Quality on Hacked Nikon DSLRs

Postby blufotograf69 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:23 pm


Would some of the more experienced/informed users please give me your recommendations on shooting video with Nikon ((Hacked) DSLRs, A couple of years ago I started using a hacked D800 and I am pretty pleased with the results, but I am needing a secondary, lighter, rig. How close is a Hacked, D3200 to the D800 or does it make sense to go with another brand ( on the relative) cheap...or just buy and hack another D800? should I bite the bullet and just go for the D500/(D750 yuck!) ( have FX glass obviously)...........If I am stuck in a rut/past can someone please elucidate me?

Thank You for Your Time and Input!!
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