Remote/GPS port current question - DIY field monitor

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Remote/GPS port current question - DIY field monitor

Postby ooda55 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:26 am

Hi guys,

Got myself a D3300 a couple of weeks ago for shooting YouTube videos :) Very happy!

I wanted to set up a really cheap field monitor for the camera using a eBay reversing camera monitor hooked up to the composite out. This works great using an external LiPo (despite the fact my first monitor arrived smashed!).
A universal flash mount to tripod mount adapter was a nice easy way to fix the monitor on the top of the camera.
It would be cool to power the screen from the cameras battery, so hunted around and stumbled across the 5v output on the remote socket to power the external GPS accessory. The monitor will run off 5v, just!
Seeing as the cameras battery is 3.7v, I assume a boost regulator must be used to produce the 5v output.
The GPS module will draw 50-100mA at a guess, and ideally I'd like 300-500mA or so for the monitor.

Does anyone know how much current can safely be drawn from the port? Any service manuals or circuit diagrams for either the camera or GPS floating around?

I'd like to avoid tearing my shiny new toy apart to trace out the 5v line and check out datasheets etc.

Thanks a lot,
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Remote/GPS port current question DIY field monitor

Postby Barrymip » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:05 pm

Hi all I would like to integrate the current density in the y direction over a surface section with paraview. Does anyone have any idea? Thankns in advance
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