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Re: Hacking EN-EL14 into a power adapter

PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:12 pm
by 4cc3ss
Gadget93 wrote:
I saw this video of your mod to the grip and being that I want more power than one simple battery, it looks like something I want to do. Is there any way you can please provide instructions on how you did this? I'm good at soldering and I know some basic electronics. I would be grateful for your advice. Thankyou in advance.

Sorry for late reply and as i've been busy with other things and only just seen this post.

My guessing what you was trying to achieve has been done.
When i usually build or mod something i just get on with it till it's done and don't think about doing step by step
instructions as i go along as it takes extra time.
I've done plenty of projects and fix's but I've decided to keep these private, as there is always someone wants
the details on hey what and how it's done, yes it's a cool feeling knowing you've helped out along the lines.

The battery grip is pretty basic, all you have to do is extend the power lines Vcc & 0v from the battery socket
to a pwr socket, but between this i've fitted a 2amp regulator operating @ 7.6v output and supply voltage of 12.0v -15.0v
and not forgetting a diode is inline so if the external power source is used it won't cook the batteries if there inserted.
I've also modded the Nikon charger to work with 12v also, so when out and about batteries can be charged,
but this is another day another dollar.


Re: Hacking EN-EL14 into a power adapter

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:26 am
by 4cc3ss
I Originally did this idea to power my scope with a 11.1v lipo but it needed regulating, so i decided to hookup a dslr, i was reasonably happy,
how the LM317 handle things when camera was running at full load, maybe this idea will encourage others who are out in the field time lapsing
etc, it certainly beats carting heaver batteries around, but anyway this has to be my last external mod and work on something more integrated.


Re: Hacking EN-EL14 into a power adapter

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:34 pm
by Genom

It is funny how other people already did, what you were thinking novel and interesting. I want to do long automatic repetitive photography. The problem is obviously the battery. And when I am at home, I should be able to power my DSLR without battery. It turns out that those Nikon adapters are very expensive for the job, what they are doing. Since, I am curious about hacking and rapid prototyping, I modelled the battery in FreeCAD and printed it with a 3D printer. Here, I have found out that it required authentication. I was wondering, how I could bypass that without the patch. I want to avoid the patch for the warranty. 4cc3ss's solution may be too complicated then it needs to be. Couldn't I connect P- and P+ of the battery with the corresponding camera pins and the corresponding charger pins. And the middle pin only with the battery. Then the power will be drawn from the power supply, battery will be kept charged and camera can authenticate the battery, without knowing that the power is actually coming from the power supply? What do you think?

Here is an illustration:

Another option would be to capture traffic on the middle pin and use an arduino immitate that.

Re: Hacking EN-EL14 into a power adapter

PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:37 pm
by jeffpkamp
i've tried rewiring the battery to run off of a 12 v power supply using buck converters, but even when I had the terminals wired to get exactly the same voltage the would get from the batteries, it still failed.

If you're into DIY you can do it another way, which is to get one of these grips. If you dismantle it a little you can see where the batteries connect to the main board in parallel. I soldered wires to this and used a buck converter to step it down 12V from a 100aH marine battery to 9v. This was to use in the field for all night astrophotography. It works, if you boot up the camera with a legit battery, then you can pop it out and keep using the larger battery. You could also plug a 12v AC/DC converter to it and get the same results.

However, my thing looks like a monstrosity and breaks down with a high degree of consistency. Now you can get a nikon converter for $35 or even $30. It would last longer and is only about $5-$10 than the componenets I used. It just doesn't hook up to a battery without an inverter.

Re: Hacking EN-EL14 into a power adapter

PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:53 pm
by Genom
Tihs sounds exactly what I am trying to do. If you see the sketch I put in the previous post, I intend to connect a power supply (maybe the charger) in parallel instead of a battery. The charger slightly has higher voltage but I measured it below 9V (8.4-8.5V). I also intend to keep the battery connected to authenticate via the middle pin. With this I don't even spend that much. All I need is to 3D print 2 parts. 1 housing for original battery and 1 "fake battery". Then I can solder the necessary connections. I know that I need to be careful with "power electronics" especially with my camera. That is why I need to know everything to know before trying it out. If it works, hopefully everyone can benefit from it.