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Postby sangeethpp » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:16 pm

Is there any way to free the aperture ring of 50mm 1.8D lens,so that you can easily control the apertrure for video.Any firmware update...?Or Nikon making a variant of 50mm 1.8D (aperture not locked)just for video ?It would be a nice addon for D3200.


Postby Fried Crispy » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:53 am

I'm not sure if I am getting this right but there may be a way around what I think you are trying to do (at least a temporary fix).
There is a little switch that is compressed when you turn the aperture ring all the way to the open position. Turn the camera so that the lens is facing you; the switch is on the camera body at the 8 O'clock position, if the lens is the reference point. If you stick something there to keep that pressed down, it will fool the camera into thinking that you've got the lens in the highest setting that it asked for. Be careful not to get that thing swallowed into the camera if you change lenses or remove the lens. Whatever you stick there to keep that thing pressed inward may fall into the camera body and get on your light sensor. I don't know if that will ruin it, but it's a good thing to avoid.

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You should be able to manipulate the aperture ring freely. Be careful about the camera's reluctance to let go of that feature's control. When I first did this, the camera jacked the ISO up to compensate for what it thought was a closed aperture. Everything came out overexposed and color noise was introduced in to every video clip.

If you have a D5100, I can teach you how to control the exposure. There is no manual exposure (despite the fact that it has an "M" setting), but it can be controlled.
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