Nikon external 12V power supply.

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Nikon external 12V power supply.

Postby D80 » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:14 pm


I have built a 12V power supply to feed my D80 and my D600 from a 12V source in the field. It works perfectly with both cams and it is very cheap to build. I have Molex connectors to feed the 12V line from my 12V source and Tamiya connectors to switch from 12V source to 230V source if I want to use it that way.

The 12V to 9V converter that I used.


And for my D600 I just need to use this one (EP-5B) for feeding it with power.

(This worked for me and my cameras and I am of course not responsible if anyone else is failing copying this modification)
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