Journalists call for encrypted storage on cameras - el reg

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Journalists call for encrypted storage on cameras - el reg

Postby Hashtags » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:35 am

Hello and advanced apologies if this isn't the proper place for this discussion. This is NOT a feature request.

The Register published an article yesterday, "Over 150 prominent filmmakers and photojournalists have asked leading camera makers to add support for data encryption to their devices."

The article is rather self explanatory: all cameras are missing encrypted storage, which many feel is necessary for privacy and safety.

I'm not too familiar with the leadership of NikonHacker, but might there be any merit in contacting/establishing relations with any of these parties such as the freedom of the press foundation? If it means further support or publicity for (1) Nikon making any of their IP accessible to the public or (2) publicity for NikonHacker in the pursuit of letting consumers control how their camera functions, I figured it might be worth throwing your name in for 'the good fight.'

Ultimately I'm sure there's very little chance of this bearing fruit for NikonHacker, but it'd still be cool to see it listed on the next open letter the freedom press foundation sends. You are, after all, rather unique in your endeavors.

I love what this community does. Thank you for your perseverance and technical prowess!
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