Thanks to ALL!!

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Thanks to ALL!!

Postby kalasinman » Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:49 pm

I realize that the tendency is to only post when there are problems. This tends to give a false sampling of users experiences.
It's time to say that the only problems I've had with firmware from this site have been 100% due to my own lack of understanding.
I truly appreciate the efforts of all contributors to these projects and as a result of their work, my pictures and photography experience has been enhanced.
I contribute what I am able, and hope others do the same, but a big THANK YOU! Is way past due..--Jack
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Re: Thanks to ALL!!

Postby aliensporebomb » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:47 pm


And from looking at some of the items discovered here it appears that the Nikon Hacker crew have figured out how to optimize hardware even better than Nikon itself.

We know that a lot of the limitations in the lower to medium end cameras are largely artificially created by Nikon so that it forces people with a specific demand to buy a higher end setup - but these hacks/mods have given new life to old equipment (who would have thought some of us might be searching for old 5000s or 7000s or the like? Maybe haunting pawnshops is a good idea!)

I'm thinking of tracking down an old 5100 or 7000 to have a dedicated astrophotography body.

So, thanks to all the Nikonhacker staff for all of their hard work. The fact that they've more or less done this from scratch is downright amazing.
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