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Crowd funding

Postby jihwoanahn » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:57 am

Hey all, thanks for all of your effort in making Nikon cameras much more enjoyable. I've been D50 user for 7 years and just recently moved to D5200.
I sure love all the features of this camera, but also being jealous of Magic Lantern and their functionality :teasing-blah:
Would love to see Nikon-Hacker catch up with functionality of ML...

For that, why doesn't Nikon Hacker team start with Crowd Funding? I'm sure there are much more Nikon users out there who haven't got their hands on
registering at this website (total member being currently 830), may not know that this team is in need of donation to afford cameras.
I believe that crowd funding will be lot of help to NH, that there would be many Nikon users want to see their camera do a better job!

Just my :twocents-02cents:
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Re: Crowd funding

Postby Simeon » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:33 pm

Hi Jihwoan,

The up side of running a crowd funding campaign in my opinion would be getting more developers. Unless we pulled in a huge sum of money, it's not like we can stop working our day jobs, so a modest amount of money would allow getting some gear. That would be useful, for testing, but the bottle neck today is basic understanding how to load our random/new code on verse the tweaks we are currently doing.

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