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Postby niconic » Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:51 pm

I've read some posts suggesting kickstarter campaigns, but responses correctly noted that they really wouldn't work for something like this. However, I think something like Patreon might:

In response to something Simeon said, Patreon actually IS for "pay my salary" type projects. People pledge money to go through per month, or more applicably per content release. Money pledged by backers would only go through when the stuff comes through, meaning that the unpredictable nature of the project wouldn't hamper crowd-funding. At least, this is what I've come to think after some preliminary reading.

I've known some people who've had success with offbeat projects that didn't really fall into an indiegogo/kickstarter-able catagory so I thought I'd advocate it in case it could help. I'm completely new here so I won't pretend to know what's best for you guys, but thanks for doing this work regardless!
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Re: Funding

Postby max » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:05 pm

Thanks niconic, that's a pretty cool concept -- internet patron.

I think our largest hurdle right now is the barrier to entry. It's very difficult to find people with the required skillset to reverse esoteric microprocessors and create the emulators and toolsets. I think there is a tipping point of usability that if we ever reach will open the door to more developers. This includes a stable toolset and easy way to make and test modifications. We have a lot of the toolset in place and the emulator to test, but not an easy way to make changes and insert code yet. That said, we have had a bunch of amazingly talented people come forward so far to join the dev team, so there have to be more out there like them!

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