Thanks, wow!

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Thanks, wow!

Postby Jummul » Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:38 am

Just registered to say thanks!

I have been following nikonhacker for quite some time now, but I lost track of you guys somewhere around last Fall. I come back this week and boom! I see full manual video and today I read about adjustable bitrates. This stuff is amazing guys!

My name is Hans, and I bought a D5100 almost two years ago for fun and freelance video work. I managed to work with the aperture priority settings but always wanted more. My wife started a blog and required a photo- and videographer. I've become a much better photographer since and really fell in love with this little Nikon. But my lady also wants video and I always struggled with the settings, I never knew what settings the camera was using when I was recording. Especially the case for audio (hint). Last month, my D5100 started having a focus issue so my camera was sent to service. I lent my brother-in-law's Canon 600D to continue working for our blog, and found two things: horrible to take pictures with, amazing to film with (but surprisingly slow focus in liveview). The videomode just made so much more sense. This was when I thought "I wonder how those NikonHacker-folks are doing". When I get my D5100 back this monday, I'm dumping your firmware voodoo right on it!

I'm not in the liberty, financially, to donate money. But I just want to say thank you for all your hard work. If there is any other way to donate, please tell me. I will try out relevant BETA's and report back :-)
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