NikonD3300 - question

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NikonD3300 - question

Postby petesfilm » Thu May 24, 2018 3:40 am

Hello, yesterday I upgraded my firmware with 'Video 1080 HQ 64mbps Bit-rate - Alpha

Does 64mbps depends on lighting / recording fps?
For example here his quality is awesome -
I installed everything correctly and I have about 30-40mbps on 60fps
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Re: NikonD3300 - question

Postby manny » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:30 pm

Hi petesfilm, as others have said the bitrate will depend on various factors like the amount of detail in the image. Simeon and others have recommend recording at a high ISO which introduces a lot of noise. Here are a couple of examples of videos with my patched D3300: ... 4.MOV?dl=0 (low bitrate example - NOTE: a lot of uniform areas , not much detail) ... 0.MOV?dl=0 (high bitrate example - NOTE: lots of ISO noise)

A comment on the youtube link you provided. The uploader has a few other videos purportedly showing footage taken with a patched D3300. I question whether these videos are actually from a D3300. He provides little information/confirmation about the patch he used. In this video ( ... c3eSyk9ZGL ) he says "it's a custom software modification I'm working on, with some inspiration from NikonHacker. " Doesn't sound like he's confirming it is the same patch. So don't expect to get the same results. If you do, let me know how!
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