Remap keys on Nikon D5000

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Remap keys on Nikon D5000

Postby Eluriel » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:46 am

Hey, I'm not very proficient with DSLR firmware hacks, so I'd like to ask the professionals: is it principally possible to change, say, the AE-L/AF-L buttons to be the shutter button?

Some background: as an experiment, I've recently converted an old D5000 to infrared by dismantling/desoldering. The 'operation' was a success, I now have an IR camera. However, as expected, there were some casualties: everything except the top view buttons/dials works fine. In other words: I can browse the options, live view, start recordings, etc. I cannot, however, use the dials to set any new mode (it's fixed to auto mode essentially) and I cannot actually fire the shutter by pressing the respective top-view button. That said, I can use a remote without any issue. In other words: shooting is possible albeit a bit cumbersome.

So: would it be possible to somehow remap any of the backside buttons to trigger the shutter? If so, how easy/hard would that be? I use manual focusing, and everything else is on auto, so I don't really need the buttons anyway :lol:
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