D5100 - no video out? :)

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D5100 - no video out? :)

Postby pixelwrangler » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:46 pm

Just got a D5100 (cuz 5200/5300) was not easy to hack. Now I got a D5300 for sale :) - The only thing I need from my 5100 is to be able to plug the HDMI cable in to my tv or my Mac,
AND SEE the signal live from the camera to my TV and Mac (I want to record the video on my mac). My understanding of "Clean HDMI" is that the video one sees in the camera is pumped out (live) to the HDMI cable so one can use an external monitor (for filming) and best of all, use my Mac to do the actual recording (timelapse etc). You know like any frigging cheap video camera can do...
Following ALL directions I still can not get this to work. Is there another "definition" of "clean HDMI", I`m I misunderstanding something here?
Downloaded the "fresh" D5100_0102.bin from Nikon, patched it without any green or red (beta/Alpha) patches (on a mac with Firefox). Tried several rounds... But every time I plug my D5100 into the HDMI cable it goes click and locks in "playback mode" (that is I can only see what has already been recorded on internal memory card). NO live view via the HDMI cable.
Did the patch not take? Did I misunderstand what the hack does? My Goal is to get the highest quality video pumped out trough the HDMI output live (as is is happening) - no recording in camera... Please help...Best regards Jim -Norway
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