NEF File Manipulation

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NEF File Manipulation

Postby elopan » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:52 am


My Nikon D3100 has the ability to read PRE whitebalance values directly from photos. That way I can use photos on the SD card like different presets, even though it only has 1 storage place for PRE whitebalance.

So the camera stores the whitebalance value in the NEF file and can also read it again to use it as PRE whitebalance value.

My question, would it be possible to manipulate NEF files to get for example very "cold" whitebalance values around 2000K or below as needed for infrared photography?
My 550nm IR converted D3100 can do PRE whitebalancein infrared, but it is very hard to do and not always succesful. I imagine it would be much easier to manipulate a NEF file on the PC and then let the camera load the whitebalance value from it?
Sadly I do not posess the needed knowledge to do this myself, but I think every infrared photographer would be very thankful for that kind of feature.

Same goes for NIKON picture control presets. Would it be possible to manipulate those to an extend that allows manipulation of colour temperature or maybe channel swap?

Greetings, David
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