D5200 Bitrate hack querie

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D5200 Bitrate hack querie

Postby david32knyte » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:45 am

Hi All, I bought a D5200 for my son. He makes film on his D90 but wanted HD with a decent Bitrate.
He's got some Nikon glass so thought stick with the brand & bought D5200
Camera came with v.1.03 firmware. We found 1.02 somewhere online, patched it with the 64 mbps bitrate, and uploaded to camera.

We're getting approx 43mbps at 1080p 25p (Shooting at 60th second shutter speed). Does that sound right?

Also is there a hack for the 1.03 firmware or is the D5200 a bit old now?

Many thanks in advance & sorry if I'm in the wrong section.

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Re: D5200 Bitrate hack querie

Postby Simeon » Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:39 pm

Hi David, this section is just fine..

The D5200 uses variable bit-rate encoding, so the 64bmps is an upper limit, which means if the encoding hardware doesn't need more bits it doesn't use it.. were-as the older hardware used constant bitrate, so burn its even if looking at a perfect flat white surface..

The firmware versions is/was mostly a function of effort/reward. so if they firm does have critical firmware changes, it was simple to stick with the version that was first disassembled by the devs. If there is some killer bug fix, then the bitrate hack should be too hard to port to a newer D5200 firmware.

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