D800 / D800E Feature Requests

Wouldn't it be cool if we could make our camera do ________ ?
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D800 / D800E Feature Requests

Postby Adamoscar » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:03 pm

Hey there Simeon!

First id like to say Thank you for doing this Finally someone is giving us Nikon lovers Something to compete with Magic lantern
I say this has a Photographer and Cinematographer!

Are we gonna get raw video????

Features i would like to see!!!

df: video mode

more bitrate!
tempture reading

can this machine not handle raw video 4k? i know it doesnt have a fan...
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MOVED: RAW video!!! Where are you guys going with this?

Postby Adamoscar » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:10 pm

Dear Simeon

Some small questions/suggestions:
Are you meaning to focus on higher end cameras?
d800 d4 d3s etc...
Because i think this customer base is just waiting for someone like you
to give us features like raw and Perhaps 2k/4k

stuff the lower end nikons would never handle anyways...

I want to donate very much but first so i know how much i would like to understand
whats high on your priority list

if you where to answer me :
testing high end Cameras and benchmarking what can actully happen with this hardware

because i belive a d800 can hold its own against a red one.

And i think high end is where your wealthier more eager client base
(im not wealthy but very eaager!!!)

Also Test footages of raw d800/d4 Will go virale!!!!!
that will be a huge marketing move for you guys!!

This is my work
im willing to invest!

lower end cameras are not owend
by people willing to invest.

So please im really interested to know what your plan of action is?

how soon or late can i have raw video on my d800?

and how can i help make this happen??



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Re: D800/

Postby Simeon » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:33 pm

Firstly it's not just me doing this work, I release the patches, but by no means do more effort than the other core developers. Really this is a team effort.

Yes more video features would be good, and the D800 seems to be well placed for that market.
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Re: D800/

Postby Adamoscar » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:45 pm

Well When I say you i guess I mean Nikonhacker group,
Which from What i know you are running,
But i do mean all of you

So is there a Gameplan?
or do u just patch in whatever gets made?

basicly i think the real question is
What would it take to Get Raw video working on a nikon (d800 :D)
has good or better then magic lantern for the canon?
and when?

I think that's the elephant in the room
and the main feature your real core audience is waiting for

also being new to this website I have yet to see any Information from people who have put the hack on the d800
and have yet to tried it on my camera (i cant afford to brick it) and obviously you guys will need a few to brick on the way getting raw video out of it.... i Guess.

This is a fast moving market .
next year there might allready be a consumer camera shooting Raw out of the box
you never know,

But i think me and allot of people would be quiet happy to invest in You "guys" and in doing so invest in our current gear (and not the next line of cameras)
to get Pro features that obviously our hardware can handle,

Also when u start rolling this stuff out that's when the big shots(youtube blogers) (famous photographers)
will feature you on there test video's Bringing in a load of traffic with it.

Hell if you need someone on the team to build a game plan im in!
I think as a working photographer with only a basic idea of computer algorithms but very extensive knowledge of what photography features the market wants , whats lacking, Whats booming, and most importantly what makes a difference.

there's so many different gaps that can be filled with this kind of technology but if you focus on the right ones u can get a very extensive and interested following,,,

and by following im including all the current canon shooters that will switch over to nikon once it has raw video capability (nikkor glass rules)
(hell im surprised nikon corp aren't anonymously donating you large sums just for that reason alone)

d5200 is a family camera not many dads have time to hack into it...
slightly more serious cameras are where people are pushing the liimits...

Whats the forecast'?
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Re: D800/

Postby Simeon » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:29 pm

There is a chicken and an egg. I am a developer by trade, so I understand all wild ass guesses for a crazy non-binding estimate, are binding.

I'm also aware that we are doing this in our spare time, and I cannot therefore count of fourty+ engineering hours from each team member, or for that matter any hours because we all have real lives too. Then there are posting to forums with suck tiny drops of time and effort.

So ignoring that I don't know the available gender neutral man power to throw at this problem (it the divisor is the time equations). The other part is how much effort will it take to do X. The problems is it's not like we are doing half X some we just need to double the FPS or something, there is a giant chain of events that need to happen before RAW Video could happen, even assuming the hardware could do it in some form.

so time = hours of effort / hours of power per time unit.

Thus very large divided by very small equals huge amount of time.
Plus I don't want to sell people the idea that giving us money now we will be able in two months to do X because I don't know those answers.

A metaphor, to date we have a sound system that plays MP3 files, and when we add duct tape to the side of the speaker it rattles less, and sounds better, but I don't know how much effort is required for the system is to be able to play AAC uncompressed 96khz audio, it's just too hard to estimate, even thought that would be really good if it did.

You make great points, I get people want faster progress, I'm also surprised Nikon isn't helping, but it takes time to connect that Cannon might be having success due to ML and that Nikon should assist us to help themselves.

Anyways I'm off to stare at code and have some fun...
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Re: D800/

Postby astronomer » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:31 pm

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Re: D800/

Postby Adamoscar » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:42 am

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Re: D800/

Postby coderat » Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:58 am

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Re: D800/

Postby LPowell » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:28 am

Have to agree with many of Astronomer's points about the impracticality of RAW video streaming to SD or CF card on the D800. In addition to the hugely ambitious nature of such a project, the bandwidth required for 36Mpix @ 24 fps is enormous. That fact alone makes the D800 a problematic choice - the D4, D7000, or D5100 would be far more practical candidates for RAW video streaming.

What makes the D800 a good video camera are several exclusive features:

* Full control of aperture in Live View mode.
* Real-time Live View histogram.
* Live View horizon leveling meter.
* FF and APS-C video frame modes.
* Stepless aperture control (but not during recording).
* 4GB file-spanning
* Excellent high-ISO dynamic range with low noise.

What really begs to be hacked on the D800:

* Lack of auto-ISO in Manual exposure video mode.
* Access to ISO Sensitivity Settings submenu in video Live View mode.
* Lack of stepless aperture control while recording video.
* Volatile and useless A and B settings banks.

The volatile nature of the D800 A and B settings banks is probably too entrenched to easily hack into something like the U1 and U2 modes on the D7000 and D600. A useful alternative would be a hack that makes the A bank the default, and automatically switches in the B bank when you enter Video Live View mode. (Ideally, both the Shooting Menu bank and the Custom Settings Menu bank, but auto-switching just the Shooting Menu bank would be good enough.) This would keep your photo and video settings in separate banks, without requiring any maintenance on the user's part. It would be great if it also remembered and restored the PASM mode you last used for photo and video shooting.
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Re: D800/

Postby Adamoscar » Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:53 pm

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