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Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby 4cc3ss » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:29 pm

I honestly think things won't work here ever again, it started off working as a team then took a sudden down slope on keeping development between them self's,
and not sharing with other dev's, it was Coderat which brought this to light as myself had my head in other places.

And here is another example... talks about sharing donations between the dev's and then that suddenly went quiet...hmmm, in one way or another would of helped,
who was involved in this project or ones doing there own bit which involved this project, I've downloaded this transcript and not bothered about sharing it to show this shit is happening.
But from now any work i do will be shared my YouTube channel and not here.

Just to let you all know i was emailed by Simeon to take part in this conversation regarding the donations to what would happen to them,
it got mentioned it would be good to share it between the devs equally, well i didn't get to see any of my share, neither anything since this discussion.
Being offered something would of been appreciated for the time i put into this project and would of helped to fully start my time on un-bricking, but obviously my time didn't mean anything.

Well Simeon you certainly know how to make enemies!

Nikon Hacker
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New Financial controller?

New Financial controller?
Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:00 am

by Simeon

Well we have 1833.47 USD in the team paypal account "inside" my paypal account.

And I have moved on (somewhat) and I wonder if we distribute the money or give a new financial controller


I torn between thinking that we have earned the money we have been given, which maybe a cut is mine, and it

being there for those that are still working on stuff,to which because I'm not here enough I'm not on top of,

but it seems like it all a little falling to the way side.

Not sure what people think,...

Might send a email pointing this post out...

By the way there where some awesome moments of collaboration over the last five years. I have fond memory of

the devs

by 4cc3ss

Has it really been 5 years, wow time goes fast.

I can remember when you mentioned this to myself a while ago and i'm pretty sure i didn't comment at the time.

Myself has also moved on, i tried to keep an interest with the camera progress but my time is taken up with

other projects.

I totally agree the money was earned, if the patches wasn't produced donations wouldn't of been transferred.

I say share between the team and for the one's who are still working with the project it's down to them if

they want to put it towards there work.

It's been one hell of a ride here putting up with you mardy devs .. just kidding ;)

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:46 am
by max

Hey Simeon,

I totally understand you wanting to separate that money from your personal money and have some closure there.

As for how the money is used or distributed -- eeish, I have no good ideas there. I'm willing to start a new

paypal account and take care of that if you want. I don't have a strong feeling for who deserves what or what

to do with the funds at this point.

Although I didn't do much actual dev work, it's been awesome to be a part of the effort. I'm committed to

keeping the lights on here at the site, even if the activity is slow to low. I'm still encouraged by the

occasional scientific, astro, or educational usage that might come of the knowledge here. Development has

slowed to near zero, but it's still non-zero, which is good.

I say throw a proposal out there and we can vote on it or something?


Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:17 pm
by leegong

Simeon , i wish all peoples , including you , Vicne , coderat , Paul , Astronomer come back .
I agree with what Paul said "if the patches wasn't produced donations wouldn't of been transferred."

BTW , I'm still busy hacking Lens protocol , including Nikon protocol , Canon protocol , Sony protocol .
Hacking Sony 55-210 lens firmware , Sigma MC-11 adapter firmware , Nikon D5100 TX19A44 firmware ,
Canon EOS 550D TX19A43 firmware is still in progress .
if you guys are interested in that , i'll be glad to work with you guys .

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:20 pm
by 4cc3ss

4cc3ss, I've had a great experience here guys, it all started when i searched Nikon hacks and came across

simeon, he had patched D5100 video time, i ask if he could do D3100 and that was the 2nd camera to be patched

with extended video, he asked myself if would be a part of this project to test the patches, as you guys know

it went beyond that i started to release patches myself.
I think this whole thing has fell a part with the team thing, i also think simeon thinks the same, i can

remember him posting... he loved the team as things was happening fast at that time.

Leegong, i can't imagine how much time you've put into this project, you've been here from day one and still

going, plus
you're working with other models now, i completely admire you for this.

Max, hands up to you also for hosting this site.

Vicne, put together the Nikon emulator,great work Vicne fantastic tool to work with, canon guys wished they

had something like this when they first started out with the Canon camera.

Simeon, if it wasn't for Simeon this project wouldn't exist, i really thought something big was going to

happen once this project got started, progress was moving in the right direction and this came to an end, the

whole team thing drifted a part and with Simeon mentioning his departure things are not looking good, i've

explained to Simeon what killed it for myself, and after this interest suddenly went down hill, i tried to

move forward but couldn't get back into it, but i'll have to see what happens when time moves forward.

I started to email Simeon regarding the funds, i can understand he doesn't want to be holding on to something

which isn't his, but hes entitled to take a part, we've all played a part in this project so this entitles all

of us.
I've not heard anything since my last email, i think i was confusing the fuck out of him :)

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:40 am
by Simeon

I think the fun of finding stuff was awesome, and sharing it was awesome too. As Paul said, and I said to him

privately also.
going undercover to compete for attention from that Russian guy sowed seeds, like trying to move patches to

every model under the sun, stretched me too thin, and trying do things people wanted, and dealing with those

that could not help themselves, killed the remain joy I was having.. So for ages that project was really

mostly a chore for me, which made me snappy and rude, so I had to stop.

But I still cared...

Honestly I don't need the money, but free money is always nice, and the project seemed somewhat limping along

to me. I had been thinking about get a D750 for ages, and had some toy money kept aside, and was thinking

about selling some lens I don't use (or wouldn't use with a FX camera) and thought a few hundred of the team

funds would help... But I honestly don't need a new camera, I should use the ones I have already, and I don't

for other reasons, so a new camera wouldn't solve that...

But in the process of asking if spliting the money was ok, I start looking at the firmware of the D750, it's

nice and horrible at the same time...
It's mostly C style like the D5100/D7000 firmware, has a tiny amount of C++, but uses ARM so there is

possibilities for doing MMU hacks like MagicLatern, but it's also really optimized, so without using the

HexRays plugin, parts a super annoying to decode (speaking of does anyone have a 6.8 or 6.9 IDA & Arm HR)

So I have been playing with that in my spare time (not much) and being more keen to document/automate marking

large chunks of the decoding, to help others follow, or myself working with different firmwares...

I still search for some backdoor like autoexec bat, not that I am sure what I would change on a D750 they seem

pretty awesome, and I don't have one, and wont... but maybe it could help elsewhere..

so those thing plus some form of stuff is still happening, meant I feel less pushed to demand distributing the


But I have been having fun feeling I owe people nothing, so much so I have read all messages again. Oh boy

people expect so much for free, drives me crazy people level of entitlement...

Paul yes I was a little confused, as you seemed quite angry and I couldn't workout where it was coming from

(what it's source was) so was not sure me thinking out loud at you was helping you, I was helping me, but I

was worried I was making you super grumpy...

So not sure where what the above all means..

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:08 pm
by 4cc3ss

Absolutely finding the stuff was the fun part without a doubt, but the russian guy was mighty strange with his

moods and releasing everything within the
light spectrum, i thought this was all good, i suppose when you start releasing for other cameras people

expect other things.

Hey Simeon i wasn't angry with yourself sorry if it sounded this way, i'm guessing you was going by the last

email ? by then i was getting fed up but not angry.

It's not actually free money, time has been spent working with the money is when you get paid

for sitting on you're arse doing nothing.

I have to agree people expected the world when something like this happens, i don't think they realise the

work involved..yes people expect things for nothing,
if we got paid for every time we was thanked it wouldn't be a great deal.
Re: New Financial controller?
Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:04 am
by Simeon
if we got paid everything we got thanks, we would not get many thanks... snort..

I think of it as free money, because nothing I did was for the money (well that's a lie) but the time has been

sunk/lost/used/spent, and the $$ contributed would equate to cents per hour, so I cannot think of it that

way...or my soul would die...

so I look at it as the team, we earned 100% agreed. But I cannot put a label of the value of others efforts,

mostly because the hours I sunk into I have been quite about, so I assume the other may have equally

ridiculous stories of time spent.

Fed up or angry, are quite similar to me, something you no like and might happen again (I don't mind shit I

don't like happen, if I can put things in place to avoid it in the future, being powerless makes angry, but

fed up come from trying to make things better but not moving)... so enough of how I think, I still was not

sure why you where fed-up and I could not tell if it was the past actions, or how I may not have been paying

you enough respect for your part, or the fact I was thinking out loud by talk (which is what I do, *see above

and what follows ) or something I cannot not even fathom...

computers are great because besides hardware bugs, which mostly get fixed or worked around, the are well

understandable, and understanding things that are simple but appear complex is super fun to me...

not sure where I am going with this...

by 4cc3ss

Not sure where to take things from here, it's gone from one extreme to another, it all started where the money

should go and now it's about people feelings,
Simeon in no way i'm angry with yourself or anything to do with respect, please except this and move on.Simeon

you started this project and the donations, stop feeling guilty and deal with it,
please and before you say...i'm not fed up or angry here, there has only been one person here who really

pissed myself off and he's no longer about.

I have to agree with the time with this project late night's etc, i'm sure this wouldn't run equally with the

rest of the team who has spent time on this,
it was all done for a cause to bring other features to the Nikon DSLR.

Simeon you've already mentioned $300 which would help you out so what's stopping you from taking, then you

wouldn't have to stress out here,
myself would be happy with $200 thats only just over £100 in my currency...or the other option is split

between the 4, it's all in you're hands Simeon.

I will take visits back has this place been imprinted to myself, i've recently purchased a Nikon D90 but not

had time to play with the Fw,
it will come but i need to get on with other things first.

by Simeon

I see how I can come across rather flip/flopish. Youngest of six, mostly want to avoid pissing other people

off, I also have no hard/pressing need for the money. Thus I was trying to see where others where at with

respect to splitting it up, also trying to avoid telling people how it is going to be...

by 4cc3ss

Leegong, Vicne and max can you give your views on what should happen with the funds please.

by max

I'm ok w/ splitting it up, and i have no moral qualms about it going back to the devs for whatever they want

to use it for. I'll keep my share as a "rainy day" fund in case another dev come along. I put a couple hundred

a year into keeping the lights on, but I've always been happy to do that since I haven't had any time to do

the RE work.

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Re: Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby Simeon » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:36 pm

So instead of email a second time, you assume I am evil as compared to your not the only email I get in a day..

I am sorry you don't feel special enough.

Paul email your UK bank account details and I will forward you share.
Max email your US bank account details and I will forward the rest of the money.
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Re: Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby 4cc3ss » Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:59 pm

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Re: Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby Simeon » Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:31 am

Paul, I have sent 331.42NZD to the email address,, I it's your paypal account, you didn't respond to my email fast enough, so I just decided I didn't care.

That amount is the 2,401.82NZD / 7 minus 11.70 paypal fee.
It's $2,401.84NZD as I mentioned as I transferred the money out of paypal into my bank at 1USD:1.31NZD

I have taken my $343 out of the account and will transfer the rest to the other team members OR max. Email me privately, unless you want to post here, but I don't visit that often. Email and manners just work better.
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Re: Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby 4cc3ss » Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:26 am

Myself rarely uses that email address plus my PayPal is tied to another email address, so i can assure you no money was sent to a an email addy.

So i've sent you my bank details and see if this gets resolved.
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Re: Nikon Hacker Secrets & Lies

Postby 4cc3ss » Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:30 pm

Simeon can please remove this topic now things have been sorted out.

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